Today’s Top Ten WeddingBee Discussion Board Thread Titles

Hey, how busy are you today? Not very? Do you want to go for a walk? No? Do you want to sit on the couch for the next eight hours half-watching television but really rifling through other people’s lives and photos of their “wedding dress journeys?”, y’all. Here’s a sampling of the best stuff going on over there right now, but seriously, every day is an exciting new gold mine.

1. Now I know why people hate being a bridesmaid

2. Bridesmaid regret-wish I asked a different friend. What to do?

3. [Poll] Will the bride be mad if I wear this?

4. Your actual thoughts on your Ering… Proud to show it off, or ashamed?

5. This wedding thing is getting out of control

6. [Poll] Where do you put your dog while you and SO do the deed?

7. He Proposed in Paris (at Versailles!)

8. [Poll] Terrified: Did having a baby hurt your relationship?

9. Well, I broke a basic rule of wedding planning…

10. [Poll] How does FI or DH “size up”?

Photo by Malgorzata Kistryn, via Shutterstock.