The Week of March 5–9

– A Queer Chick recommends earrings, and A Clean Person tasked her coven.

– Elsewhere in advice-giving, many good Tumblrs surfaced in the comment section of this post on pornography.

– And elsewhere in comments, the ones here are also particularly wonderful.

– If you have an interview coming up, here is an excellent guide (plus Pinterest board) to plus-size interview clothing. (NB: Apollo Necklace is still available.)

– “I live on top of one bodega and under a second bodega and can eat only Fritos.”

– Other things to eat: old-fashioneds, hamentaschen, frizzled ham, and short rib truffle casserole.

– Tonya Harding: the best figure skater to never win an Olympic medal?

– Mike Dang is good at birthdays.

– Lia LoBello looks great.

– And that guy is still trying to go to space.

– Plus, Daylight Savings starts this weekend, so we’ll see you even sooner on Monday. It’ll be fun.

Photo by Natelle, via Shutterstock