The Week of March 19–23

– A Lady grapples with moles, A Married Dude is not yet ready for a vasectomy, and A Clean Person is slowly becoming the tooth fairy of bed-making.

– What is lunch?

– Fyi, Jane hides her valuables at the back of a bottom drawer.

Books, booksbooks.

Sonia, Latifa, German Lady.

– … Direct from Europe.

Scala Coeli: where Paris, medievalists, dogs, and erotic trembling meet.

– “After a few years without activity, Facebook removed Clark’s profile photo and replaced it with the eerie question mark/silhouette.”

– And if you have any unpublished art you’d like to see in either these “Looking Back” posts or the Friday Open Thread, please let me know!

– Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. Good luck with your blue bangs.

Illustration by Laura T.