The Week of February 27 — March 2

– A Dude has friends, A Lady lives alone, and A Clean Person does not use a top sheet? What!

Katharine Hepburn’s trousers. And shoulders, and voice. And skateboard (!).

– Beauty Q&A: Sparkly roots.

– What do you, a female (this print is too small for men to read), desire?

– Things to consume: spinach quiche-casserole, ginger-spice BOMMs, and good merlot.

How to write a resume.

How to tell someone about the slackness of her jaw.

– And how to get to Bordeaux and back.

– Hot guys caught inside video games.

– “[Chlorine], are you Bleach? No, I am not Bleach, I am me.

– And remember: get drunk, ditch your friends, and achieve all your greatest goals. We’ll see you back here on Monday.

Photo by pzAxe, via Shutterstock