Sweet, Sweet Memories

Temperatures in Wisconsin had already hit the high 60s when Gretchen Grape and her family began tapping their 850 maple trees. They had waited for the state’s ceremonial tapping to kick off the maple sugaring season. It was moved up five days, but that didn’t make much difference.

For Grape, the typically monthlong season ended nine days later. The sap had stopped flowing in a record-setting heat wave, and the 5-quart collection bags that in a good year fill in a day were still half-empty. Instead of their usual 300 gallons of syrup, her family had about 40.

First of all, Gretchen Grape! Maybe you should sell those trees and pick up a vineyard? *rimshot* Second, sugaring season was cut drastically short by the weather this year, which is sad. In memory of maple (RIP) what’s the best maple thing you’ve ever eaten? I’ll go first: pancakes. Ha! You thought it was going to be biscuits and maple foie gras gravy, didn’t you?