Nicole Cliffe, What’s in Your Bag?

by The Hairpin

Nicole “Reading” Cliffe, what are those crazy-looking horse books?

1. Flaked-out gold wallet.
2. Loose money.
3. The New Yorker.
4. Driving handbook.
5. Two pens.
6. Two lip balms.
7. Winter riding gloves.
8. Pack of Marlboros and lighter (one lousy post-weaning cigarette a week behind a gas station on Highway 89).
9. Passport renewal application checklist.
10. Ear plugs.
11. Receipts.
12. One pad, two tampons.
13. BumGenius spray for cloth baby wipes.
14. Sushi list written on Whole Foods business card (wow).
15. Two books about not sabotaging your show season by being a colossal pussy by Jane Savoie.

[Ed. — Aha! Nicole Cliffe is also Lazy Self-Indulgent Book Reviews, and may she never sabotage her show season in such a manner.]