Natalie Eve Garrett, What’s in Your Bag?

by The Hairpin

Natalie, when you stop cooking and painting, please tell us about No. 11.

1. Diaper, size 4.

2. Ziplock baggie of diaper wipes.

3. Blue patent-leather pouch.

4. I Am a Bunny.

5. The Trouble with Poetry.

6. Lone loose quarter.

7. Mimi the Cat, named by my toddler-baby. She’s totally in love with this cat and races around the house repeating its name. It sounds like this: Meeee Meee! Meee Meee!

8. Tons of band-aids. (My husband put those in here.)

9. Ziplock baggie of Cheerios.

10. Pens, floating around.

11. Red two-headed lady.

12. The perfect sunglasses.

13. Tiniest pinkest moleskine notebook.

14. Tarte 24/7 SPF 15 lip gloss in Wednesday and Thursday, my favorites. I like Tuesday a lot, too.

15. Pink brush/mirror.

16. Small golden pouch.

16. Ziplock baggie of acetaminophen. (My husband put this in here, too! Thanks, hon!)

17. Black zip-up wallet that’s a bright springy pink/green/violet on the inside.

18. Two black hair elastics.

19. Carrot Cake Clif bar. Will I ever eat this?

20. Keychain with mini glow-in-the-dark flashlight & mini library card.

21. Hand cream.

21. Hand sanitizer. (See #1 and #2)

Natalie Eve Garrett also has a website. And No. 11 remains a mystery.