Jaya Saxena, What’s in Your Bag?

by The Hairpin

Jaya, when you finish that Qream Qasserole, please show us.

1. Personalized silly straw: hands down the best Christmas gift I have ever received.

2. Cell phone: I am the only person left on the planet without a smartphone.

3. Veet wax strips.

4. Work ID.

5. A recipe for Goulash from Smitten Kitchen: on Monday I thought my boyfriend and I were gonna cook, but we got takeout chicken curry instead.

6. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot: really good read about human cells that have contributed to tons of modern science research and the woman they were stolen from.

7. iPod engraved with the Weezer lyric “I’ll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon.”

8. 39 cents.

9. Gloves.

10. Keys to my apartment, office, mom’s apartment, and a bike I never use.

11. Gum wrapper.

12. Birth control.

13. Wallet, complete with hot dogs. In there is a card that says I’m two sandwiches away from getting a free sandwich at Luke’s Lobster.

14. Bare Minerals lip gloss in Rose. This is my go-to gloss. Pretty much the exact color of my lips, just makes them shiny with a bit of sparkle. Absolutely perfect for anything.

15. Strawberry Chapstick: because Cherry is for suckers.

Jaya Saxena has not yet made a Qream Qasserole, sadly.