Friends With Kids: A Mini Review

[Spoiler alert?]

Just saw it last night and thank goodness the theater was having sound problems to blame immediate discomfort on. (Got a two-fer that needs to be redeemed by May — who’s down?) Admittedly, every single actor and writer involved in it is the best. The premise is so-so. It did not have enough non-white people in it. But mostly: What were they trying to say? That we eventually figure out some of our friends are jerks after they decide to start families? Convinced! Or that all relationships are initiated with AND doomed by “hot” sex?

The “hot” stage — a sketchy concept to begin with — isn’t necessarily followed by boredom, resentment, anger, and complacency. But it was for almost everyone in this movie. Even Maya Rudolph’s character, the only one whose marriage lasted through the movie, gave it up once, maybe twice a month according to her partner. You cannot start and end a believable story with that assumption. There are such things as: Therapy. Good parenting. Your friends being honest with you about your script. Non-assholes. Self-actualization. Healthy sex — and tons of it! My verdict? Adam Scott shows promise. C+