Friday Bargain Bin: Now That We’ve All Made Our Beds

Drink Up Carafe and Glass, $19.07 (was a dollar less, but who cares?)
Picture placing this carafe full of fresh, cold water on your nightstand to begin your bedtime ritual. Wait, did you get a bedtime ritual yet?

Bath & Body Works Shea Cashmere Hand Cream, $3.25 (was $14.50)
This goes on before the reading glasses but after the sleeping pill.

Neosporin Lip Healt Overnight Renewal Therapy, $3.99
The problem with this stuff is that it makes you so smoochable you end up needing it more.

High-Flying Pajamas, $59.90 (were $116)
Silk and cotton, silk and cotton, silk and cotton. Here is the top and here are the shorts.

Microwavable Flaxseed Pillow Set, $16
Stop using your pet/partners’ body parts as heating pads!

Martha Stewart Pastel Poppies 6-Piece Duvet Cover Set, $77.99 (was $180-$300)
There’s also a “completer set” of pillows you can decorate your floor with every night, marked down to $38 from $100!

Juicy Couture Hooded Robe, $35.20 (was $88)
Your first Juicy. Awww…

Conair Soft Curlers for Body & Bounce, $7.99
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.

The Browser’s Book of Endings, $1.99 (out of print; new copies go for $90!)
This is seriously the best nighttime/short attention span/dream-inducing book I’ve ever read. If there is a lame, light-sensitive bedmate who conks out early in the equation, grab this too:

Lightwedge, $16.84 (usually $24.95 or more)
It only casts light on the page! The future, y’all.

Red Pin-Up Vibe and Bombshell Balm, $24.99 (was $30)
Regrettably not brought to you by us.