Anna Breslaw, What’s in Your Bag?

by The Hairpin

When Anna Breslaw isn’t taking surreptitious photographs of Connie Britton, she’s dumping out her purse and photographing it for this very website. Some say she doesn’t do anything else. Is that true, Anna? Anna, can I have a cigarette?

1. Classy wallet with keys attached that my sister bought me so I’m forced not to shirk the most basic of adult responsibilities.

2. Passport I use as ID.

3. Pen.

4. Little Moleskine notebook.

5. Garbage.

6. Marlboro 27’s.

7. Tampon.

8. A dollar.

9. The set list of this comedian named Roger Hailes that I took when he left it at a bar, partly because I was drunk and even though we’ve met like a million times through friends, he never remembers me. My favorite title is #4: “High/Low.” Sorry, Roger.

10. The business card of a guy who walked me to the train when I was drunk over the summer, who gave it to me and told me to let him know when I got home OK, which I did not do. But now he knows!

11. A cool old stamp that says “24 Hour Marriage License” my friend Samy gave me a long time ago.

12. Sephora sample.

13. Pile of fancy condoms I got for free and genuinely forgot to take out of my bag. Someone called me out on this the other night, and my verbatim response was, “Uh… ‘If you build it,’ right? Hahaha?” (Flees the scene.)

14. Generic Ativan, because see above.

15. iPod. If you turned it on it would be right at that part of “Back That Azz Up” by Juvenile that goes “Can’t stand it! Dick bandit!”

16. Anti-bacterial hand stuff.

17. Sugar Plum lip gloss. So good, buy this!

18. YSL lipstick in Le Orange.

19. Decrepit Burt’s Bees.

20. iPhone (not pictured, because I used it to take the picture).

21. Bobby pins.

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