by Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton

Venus: “I love inviting ghetto-ass friends to parties we DJ.”

Shayne: “Art brings madness into the world.”

The Museum of Modern Art hosted a big party with psychedelic lights to celebrate The Armory, an art fair in New York (March 8–11). We asked attendees to tell us what they love about art.

Matthew: “Art is life.”

Audrey: “The reason I dropped art school is because I hate artists and love art.”

Elizabeth: “Freedom of expression.”

Millicent: “Old buildings.”

Tom: “Art enlarges our sense of reality.”

Uli: “Art surprises us.”

Simon: “New ideas.”

Bryan: “Another perspective.”

Sam: “The Hairpin is great, but I’m scared.”

Bridget: “What do you two like about art?”

Camila: “My website —”

Dice: “I love how art can be anything, even this conversation.”

Maryn: “Art is the ultimate provocateur of the moment.”

Chantal: “Contemporary works from 1960 to present.”

Frank: “Street art/graffiti.”

Deborah: “Caribbean colors mean happiness.”

Adam: “I love the problems that art raises.”

Aimee: “Understanding our time.”

Matthew: “I’m a hairdresser, so sculpture inspires me.”

Rico: “Every time I look at art I feel I’m looking in the mirror.”

Lily: “I’m an art history major; it’s hard to articulate.”

Sam: “The experience of creation.”

Chris: “Bushmills Whiskey.”

Karen: “The answer’s on the tip of my … oh I’ve lost it.”

Alan: “I’m too far into this beer to answer that question.”

Andrea: “I love how art does what can’t be done in any other medium — such as literature or politics. Art is what I strive for. It’s why we exist.”

Paul: “She knows.”

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Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton have made other slideshows based on walks through Fire Island and Art Basel Miami. Jon is coauthor of Ten Walks/Two Talks. They live in Brooklyn.