Woman Not a Fan?

“Neither Jezebel or the Hairpin concerns itself with the harder to articulate, more insidious expectations about women’s behavior. Neither knows how to write for and about women without almost embarrassing itself in its eagerness to please. Jezebel is too painstakingly inoffensive to hurt anyone’s feelings. The Hairpin is too charmingly self-effacing to take itself seriously, too tirelessly entertaining to ever bore a visitor. They bake pies with low-hanging fruit: they are helpful, agreeable, relatable, and above all likable. … The internet, it turned out, was a place to make people like you: the world’s biggest slumber party, and the best place to trade tokens of slumber party intimacy — makeup tips, girl crushes, endless inside jokes.”
— n+1 writer Molly Fischer put our hand in a glass of warm water while we slept, and now everyone has to go home. No, but she takes a thoughtful if conveniently myopic look at the lady blogosphere.