The Week of February 6–10

– A Dude recalled Lord Byron, and A Lady (or, A Coiled Rope?) noticed the way some people take their coffee.

– A Clean Person polished her charm bracelet, and a reader held out a vintage bullet bra.

– Classic Scandals: the rise and fall of Fatty Arbuckle.

– “Both my husband and I brought books, thinking we’d need reading material for what was bound to be a horrendously long wait because I was being ‘one of those people.’”

– Esther got low.

– Carolita reconnected with a chair enthusiast.

– And the amethyst belt bracelet got out of my dreams and onto my arm. No, it didn’t.

– There’s $20 for any woodland creature that fetches me a Nice & Sloe right now. Ditto a casserole.

– Take note of how you pay for those white wine spritzers this weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday!

Photo by digitalbalance, via Shutterstock