The Week of February 21–24

– A Married Dude recalled his own wedding, A [Non-married] Dude was shocked by nothing, and A Clean Person beheld an uncluttering (it’s like an exorcism; she has an ancient clutter-withstanding stick that has teeth marks dating back to the early 13th century).

– Nurse Lola awaits your questions.

– “Are you in a club?”

– …or are you Gchatting? Gchatting, always Gchatting. Or meeting new people.

– Connie Britton drinks coffee, is perfect.

– The beef-and-yogurt casserole. Caveman Le Creuset.

– Drawn to yet blinded by the candle that is the gel manicure.

– Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.









[. . . . . .]