The Hairpin Sex Diaries

Fun project alert: We’re teaming up with sex diaries editrix and analyst Arianne Cohen to collect your anonymous sex diaries for the next week! Arianne spent the last four years amassing 7-day diaries from around the world and explains everything you ever wanted to know about other people’s sex lives in her new book, The Sex Diaries Project. And now she’s extending the same service to our little Hairpinner ecosystem. Arianne says, “whether you’re single or coupled or polyamorous or busy or consider yourself totally boring” you are the perfect sex diarist! Also, it’s just for a week, no big whoop. When we’re done, she’ll report back to us with a summary of our secrets. (What if it turns out we’re all virgins?)

Click here and go to “Write Diaries” to get started. And thank you, brave souls. (But, again, it’s all anonymous so you don’t even need to be brave. Or have a soul.)