by Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton

Sugar Tits & Sugarplum Fairy, 2 years

Affectionate nicknames arise from love. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked 20 New York couples to tell us their nicknames.

Conchita & Conchito, 1 year

Dad & Mom, 12 years

The Dragon & Captain Clunkhead, 48 years

Aliya: “We’re too new to have nicknames.”

Fuck Pig & Wilma, 3 years

Bed Mole & Snuggleworm, 4 years

Baby Girl & Baby Boy, 6 years

Snowflakes & Brown Bear, 2 years

Marisa: “We have more affectionate nicknames for our cat than each other.”

Crazy Old Coot & Honey, 39 years

Honeybunch & Phylis Puss, 30 years

Panda & Mocha Cupcake, 4 years

Butta & Patattoo, 1 month

Cookie: “My name is already a nickname.”

Chico Rico & Punk, 1 year

Banjjok (Korean for “Other Half”) & Bongbong (Korean for “Wife”), 3 months

Nen Nen (From the French for “Godmother”) & Ti Day (Origin unknown), 30 years

Poopsie Daisy & Public Pooper, 3 years

Caitlin: “Anything having to do with poop.”

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Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton have made other slideshows based on walks through Fire Island and Art Basel Miami. Jon is coauthor of Ten Walks/Two Talks. They live in Brooklyn, NY.