Friday Bargain Bin: Be Your Own Valentine

Rachel Roy Frog and Kiss Threader Earrings, $26
Let these serve as a reminder to anyone who doesn’t want to be alone next Valentine’s Day: kiss a bunch of weirdos! You never know who their parents might be? (Totally 100% kidding. Do this instead!)

Asos Midi Dress with Belt, $35.81 (was $71.62)
Watch the video preview of this if you can’t already picture yourself classily idling up to a fancy giant oak hotel bar at around midnight on Valentine’s Day and ordering WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT.

Pink Hearts Kitchen Towel, $6.36 (was $7.95)
Holiday-themed kitchen towels are some final frontier of adulthood shit. You can never have too many (if you’re doing holidays right, which you can tell by how many towels you almost destroy cleaning up spilled red wine but then somehow they come out of the washer looking like nothing happened?).

Deena & Ozzy Monogrammed Tote, $4.99 (was $24)
Less than five bucks to have a monogrammed version of a thing you already buy once a month with someone else’s name on it. Hurry, only A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J K, L, M, N, P and S are left.

Sam Edelman Qiana Wedge Sandals, $105 (were $150)
Go look in your closet. What red heels do you have? Gross! Replace them with these.

Champagne Pop Rocks Truffles, $25
The insane chocolatier Payard came up with these balls of nonsense just for VDay.

Glassing Sunglasses, $45 (were $100)
The Hairpin: your go-to source for discounted pink sunglasses since 2011.

Daydreamer LA Serpentine Heart Crop Tee, $9.99 (was $29)
From the reviews: “I bought this shirt because it was on sale and cheap, so I thought it could be a good shirt to wear to the gym and around the house, but when it came, I fell in love with it. It is now one of my favorite shirts to wear to school and out on the weekends. It is so soft, comfortable and fits PERFECTLY.”

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lipstick, $9.99 (was $25)
This is a sheer, nice feeling lipstick — it’s not insane red or anything. Pro or con? Whichever lipstick you choose, be awesome by keeping it in one of these:

Sephora Makeup Bags, $3–11 (were $10–32)
Don’t forget your free samples at online checkout!

Von Follies Red/Black Eyelash Lace Bra, $45
Jason Wu who? Dita Von Teese made lingerie for Target and even if no one else sees it, you’ll know how smokin’ you are under that dress.

Williams Sonoma Terry Robe, $59 (was $118)
Again, you can monogram this to look extra baller while you lounge around this joint:

Deerhill Inn at West Dover, Vermont, from $379 for three nights (was $789)
Before you laugh at this amazing suggestion for a pretty affordable East Coast solo getaway, check out what you get for that dough: a room with a fireplace and there’s also one in the Inn’s library, breakfast in bed one morning, champagne and chocolates in your room on a day of your choice, and afternoon refreshments each day which usually means more champagne. Plus there’s a place to ski nearby, but don’t because why would you want to leave the fireplace?

Happy Valentine’s Day, suckers who have to go out to dinner and pretend to be into it!