Five-and-a-Half Daffodil-Free Daffodil Recipes

Daffodils are poisonous — do not eat them or mistake their bulbs for onions. But if you Google “daffodil recipes” to see if anyone’s ever consumed them on purpose and lived to write about it on the internet (doesn’t look like it), you find variations on the following:

1a. Daffodil cake.
1b. No-bake daffodil cake.
2. Daffodil cocktail.
3. Daffodil vegetable dip.
4. Daffodil lemon sauce.
5. Daffodil wine.

None of which is particularly interesting or includes any actual daffodil, but that last one does come with an eerily fairy-tale-ish unanswered request: “The neighbors have alot of daffodils in their yard and they are free for the picking so I thought I would make some daffodil wine. Anyone know a recipe for this?” Anyway. Daffodils. Not sure what was going on here.