February 13–17

– It was Valentine’s Day this week!

– A Dude got your love note, A Queer Chick rules the SLC, and A Clean Person visited a store.

– “hahaha you remembered

– … and, elsewhere in ghost-phone news (!?).

– Have you played the Mass Effect 3 demo yet, or fashioned a belt into a collar that is also a bra as well as a shirt?

– On raising daughters, and school spirit.

The Dragon, Captain Clunkhead, and other nicknames.

– “Okay!”

– And: thank you for all the excellent feedback on Monday! If all has gone according to plan, I’m currently on an airplane to Los Angeles to visit Jane and figure this all out. Also to sit around and play with eyebrow pencil.

– Oh, and don’t forget to keep an anonymous sex diary if you want to! We’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

Image by Antonio Abrignani, via Shutterstock