Actually Ask a Nurse

by Lola Pellegrino

Hey, you’ve got a body! Now, about this body you’ve got — how’s it doing? Have you ever thought, “I would like ask a question or learn more about something going on with this body?”

Yes? Yes! As the new Secretary of Health I will do this for you SO HAPPILY. Care and feeding of the heart/vagina is a specialty: IUDs? UTIs? And what about regular health, the kind that happens to the rest of your body? Psych stuff? Booze and drugs safety or — more directly — mastery? It’s all up to you, readers. Health Secretary is for the people. Please leave a comment or send questions by email:

Lola Pellegrino is a registered nurse well on her way to becoming Dr. Queer, Medicine Woman. Do you have a health question for her? (Important disclaimer: Reading the Hairpin is not a substitute for the advice of a medical professional. Go see a doctor — it’s bleeding!)

Image borrowed gratefully from New View of a Woman’s Body.