What to Be, and Not to Be, When You Grow Up

“Among recent college graduates, those with the highest rates of unemployment had undergraduate degrees in architecture (13.9 percent), the arts (11.1 percent) and the humanities (9.4 percent), according to the study. The recent college graduates with the lowest rates of unemployment had degrees in health (5.4 percent), education (5.4 percent), and agriculture and natural resources (7 percent.) Those with business and engineering degrees also fared relatively well.”
— Georgetown University confirms what Grandma Sally (RIP) tried telling us for years. “Why not be a phlebotomist? [Ed. — All the blood.] I’m just saying consider it. You know your uncle John really enjoys it and all the patients just love him. Painless John, that’s what they call him. Did you know that? You’re gonna have to give me your address again so I can send you this article.”