Unwritten Self-Help Books That Could Have Really Helped Me Last Week

by Elizabeth Baird

What to Say When Your Sophisticated and Well-Traveled Boss Asks What You Did Last Weekend, and All You Did Was Drink Wine and Weep While Watching YouTube Videos of Dogs Greeting Soldiers Coming Home From War

So You See Someone You Sort of Know Sitting At the Bar, But You Don’t Want to Talk to Them: What Now?

He Actually Might Have Been Into You, But When He Found Out That You Inexplicably Lied About Having an Estranged Twin, He Reconsidered

How to Seamlessly Integrate an Imaginary Boyfriend Into Your Social Circle

Coming to Terms With Your Imaginary Boyfriend’s Libertarian Politics

So You See Someone Ahead of You in Line Who You Had Sex With Two Years Ago, and Obviously You Don’t Want to Talk to Him: What Now?

“I Think I Just Had A Sex Dream About Magilla Gorilla???” How to Handle This and Other Sex-Dream Crises

What Are We Going to Do About This? [book touches a lock of your hair]

Should You Break Into a Jog If Someone’s Holding a Door Open and You’re Still a Few Paces Away? A new book from the author of the international best-seller, How Long Should You Maintain Eye Contact When You’re Passing Someone You Know in a Long Hallway?

10 Ways to Meet Your Soul Mate by Sitting Quietly on Your Couch

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