The Week of January 9–13

– A Lady thinks you look fine in those jeans, A Mini Lady OD’s on stamp glue, and A Clean Person uses ice trays in a new way. (Dudes are away this week.)

– Natalie Wood: gorgeous.

– “15. Sometimes state quarters should have reconsidered the quotation marks around their caption.”

– Everyone loves an iPad.

This brought back horrible memories of the hours spent at an old job using White Noise when the guy next to me ate sandwiches like … ugh, I …

– How to steal Carolita’s life and stories?

– “39. Melancthon Wade. 40. Pleasant Hackleman. 41. Speed Fry.”

– In her Beauty Q&A, Jane hunts for the perfect t-shirt.

– And Elmo Keep hunts KISS on Kruise.

War Horse: An Illustrated Review. Better with every reread.

– Have an excellent long weekend, if you get one, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

Photo by Galyna Andrushko, via Shutterstock