The Week of January 23–27

– A Dude photographs himself, A Lady is sure she’s sure, and A Clean Person: you don’t know what those jeans do to me, make me want to get down on one knee. You got that thunder, and it only makes me wonder how it feels to get up in those jeans, oh those jeans.

Creature Cheeseman.

Shaved her head.

– And went abroad, alone.

– “We’re not Facebook friends anymore?? I’m really sorry, I really owe you an apology. I hope sometime I can see you and say sorry in person.”

– Bach’s gorgeous Chaconne!

– Keep them Googling.

– Why is the only 100% true stereotype in medicine that people who work in reproductive health are the coolest super-smart people who have excellent senses of humor and are always clinically current and up to date on evidence?

– Take off your bra, we’ll see you on Monday!