The Week of January 2–6

– A Dude admires sunglasses, A Queer Chick watches Glee, and A Clean Person goes above and beyond, and under and around.

– “Tarot folk wisdom suggests that instead of seeking out your own cards, wait for them to come to you.” *Meaningful look*

– Esther has a spirited fitness instructor.

– Here are six New Year’s Experiments to try on and take off.

– “To the person who has been using the microwave to reheat really spicy food — God, it smells amazing. What is that, saag paneer?”

– Why, it’s dark.

– That life-ruining peacock brooch is still for sale. $32K. Ditto the Swiss calendar ring. *Far more meaningful look*

– Jane is watching The Bachelor.

– And the second season of Portlandia starts tonight on IFC, and is online as we speak.

– Enjoy your weekend. Maybe melt something nice into your locket.

Photo by Anteromite, via Shutterstock