The Week of January 17–20

– A Married Dude doesn’t usually bet on the Lions, A Queer Chick supports overthinking, and A Clean Person whispers “shoe nuts.”

Women: people?

– My number is one billion, eight hundred million, five hundred and fifty-five thousand, five hundred and fifty-five.

– “If you’re not here in 20 minutes, I guess I’m just going to have to wait longer.”

– And if you and your significant other have a friendly problem on which you can’t agree, please let us know and we will solve it perfectly.

– Where does Steve keep his wallet?

– It was Ina Garten, in the gazebo, with the whip.

– Some good books, some bad hats.

– And some good-looking cervixes in bowties. See you next Monday. Enjoy some frozen fruit!

Photo by Ruslan Kokarev, via Shutterstock