The Seven People in the Entertainment Business I Would Like to Meet

by Alex Leo

1. The person who photoshops nipples, candlesticks, and g-strings into and out of Erotic Photo Hunt.

2. The make-up artist who does the post-beating work for Lifetime movies.

3. The child-wrangler for movies in which babies are voiced by adults.

4. The director who makes the generic karaoke music videos usually featuring nature shots and bikini-clad ladies from the early ’80s regardless of the lyrics or song tempo.

5. The guy or gal who chooses which stock photo subject (a.k.a. unsuspecting sad person) to use in drug/domestic violence/VD PSAs.

6. The costume designer who chose Blossom’s hats.

7. The person who does the physics equations I assume are used in Angry Birds product development.

Alex Leo is the Director of News Product for Reuters Digital. Her work has appeared on The Daily Beast, Jezebel,, and more. She would like you to follow her on Twitter, if only for the Ron Swanson quotes.