SimplyNoise Reviews, in Order of How Soon the Author Will Murder Someone

15. “Tha-HA-HA-HANK you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made traveling a million times better.” — crea8iveworship

14. “Thank you so much for this site, it really helps my productivity at work where I have to share an office space with three other engineers with similar interests.” — Anonymous

13. “My girlfriend and I both use SimplyNoise every night and we would be very very sad if your site ever went away … Thanks so much for providing a great service for free!!” — emptythevoid

12. “I live in an apartment with 5 other girls, and I need to study a lot. SimplyNoise has made that possible! Thank you so much!” — Anonymous

11. “This is a life saver when my noisy coworkers are being particularly rambunctious.” — Anonymous

10. “Thanks so much for creating this website. I can never get any work done in my house and have often times traveled to the library just to find peace and quiet. Now I can complete my work without ever having to leave home!” — Anonymous

9. “Love this site. It’s blocking out the sound of automatic hand dryers and people chit-chatting in my University’s library as I’m studying. Total bliss…” — Anonymous

8. “I work in IT and my boss who sits near me hums all day (when hes not coughing that is). this site is saving my sanity…” — Anonymous

7. “My wife brought her daughter and 5 year old granddaughter to live with us and they have been here for months, with no end in sight! Your white, pink and brown noise generator has helped me tremendously to overcome the distractions of a boisterous 5 year old running around our home!! Thanks!!!” — Anonymous

6. “Your site just saved me from the infuriation of some surly teen in the library making a god-awful slurping noise. Listening to this white noise is a far better solution than my original plan, which involved throwing a water bottle. Potentially at someone. Thank you!” — Anonymous

5. “I just want you to know that I use this site every day without fail, sometimes for hours. It has been a sanity saver for me, and I recommend it on Twitter and Facebook and anywhere else I can. Thanks so much!” — Kim L.

4. “Finding this site is the best thing that has happened to me at work. This is a life saver. It never ceases to amaze me how loud and inconsiderate others are in working environments that require intense concentration.” — Anonymous

3. “I couldn’t ask for a better tool to drown out the screeching hens in my office. Their daily morning concentrations used to destroy productivity and promote misery — now I can actually do what I came to work to do!” — Anonymous

2. “I have people at work that for some odd reason cannot blow their noses, cannot stop coughing, slurp when they drink, crunch and smack their lips when they eat, tap their feet when bored … it is a JUNGLE!!! without your app I would have literally gone insane or quit.” — Anonymous

1. “The Brown noise seems to be the most relaxing. It evokes the gentle rumble of a nonchalant summer thunderstorms of the distant past.” — Anonymous

Katie Heaney prefers Pink Noise on medium oscillation, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Photo by Ed Mandarina, via Shutterstock.