Little-Known Forms of Response Jeopardy! Will Also Accept

by Laura Jayne Martin

Responses in the form of a Trina Rap.

Liquid responses.

Responses shouted from the sideline of a child’s travel soccer game.


Reponses that include a SASE.

Responses in the transcendental form.

Scantrons filled out in pen.

Responses spanning the range of the dramatic form.

Camouflage responses in the form of whatever they’re sitting on.


British responses in the sixth form preparing to take their A-levels.

Responses in Colorforms.


Responses that had a funny thing happen to them on the way to the form.

Vegetarian responses in the form of a hotdog.

Smoke Signals.

All responses written into the first three boxes of IRS form 1040.

Original songs.

Responses in the form of light.

Adapted screenplays.

Responses in the non-material abstract form.

Responses in letters cut of out magazines.


Any excess carbohydrate responses stored in the form of a polysaccharide.

Responses in the form of a loaded question.

Liturgical chants.

Anything written on a “How I Met Your Mother” message board.

Responses in the form of a loaded baked potato.

Melted chocolate responses poured into a form.

Responses that transform from a 1984 Freightliner Semi into a fighting robot.

Gaseous responses.


Laura Jayne Martin lives and writes in New York City. She is not available for children’s birthday parties.