“Baby shower help for non-broody Brit”

I’m going to my best friend’s “baby shower” style event next weekend and she — a relatively sane, confident, intelligent woman — has requested that we play baby games as part of the day’s activities. Though I’d usually roll my eyes at this sort of slushy activity, I love her so much and am hugely excited about her becoming a mum. So *deep breath* I want to do this right.

I was wondering — as the shower is a relatively new social event to us over here in the UK, do any American ‘pinners have some advice for A) surviving a baby shower when you’re not “in the family way” and B) any genuinely amusing baby-themed games I can bring to the party? I’m hoping to be a sort of cool childless aunt to the newbie and need to start out on the correct track. Also — what do I buy her as a present? Repeated viewings of Friends teaches me not to purchase her leather trousers or vodka, so I’m thinking down the lines of some stylish item for her that will be so useful but also luxurious and that will cause the other mums to coo at her about it. But not being a mum myself, I need some pointers.

All help gratefully appreciated.

All I can think of is a Mason Pearson brush. Anyone?