Katie, What’s Actually in Your Handbag Right Now?

by The Hairpin

Like those magazines that ask celebrities to reveal the shiny, enviable essentials they supposedly carry with them at all times, we begin by asking one another, and then, hopefully, other women with bags: what’s actually in your bag right now? So, Katie “Between the Texts” Heaney, what’s actually in your bag right now?

1. Too-expensive Marc Jacobs wallet that I love but whose zipper refuses to stay closed to accommodate my coins.

2. Checkbook.

3. Name tag from the Minneapolis Pinup. What is this still doing here.

4. Stila lip stains. These are good.

5. Advil and Tylenol.

6. Hand sanitizer.

7. Mark lip stain. This worked well for a couple days.

8. C.O. Bigelow lip stuff, which I don’t actually like because it’s too glossy, but it smells good.

9. Korres lip gloss. Hey! I forgot I had this! Yeaaaaahhhh free lip gloss, kind of!

10. Pens.

11. Gum.

12. Visine for contacts.

13. Receipts — some from September, one actually necessary dry cleaning one.

14. Old parking ticket, just in case (?).

15. Notebook.

16. Little seed that my best friend brought me from the arboretum she used to work at. I don’t know why I have it in my purse. I’m sentimental, and also it might be magic. Like maybe one day it’ll start to grow and I’ll know that she’s with child or something.

17. Sunglasses.

18. Button that says “I Support Sexual Health Education!”

19. Non-winning grocery store scratch-off ticket. Just in case.

20. 15% off birthday coupon from Anthropologie, uh-oh.

21. Korres lip butter in Quince.

22. Laura Mercier lip stain in Mulberry. These last two I bought because Edith recommended them in a LifeScoop post, and I love them both.

23. My best friend brought me this back from Hawaii. It used to be a keychain, but then one time when I was throwing the trash down the trash chute my keys looped around the handles and flew down the chute with my trash. So I called the building maintenance guy and was like HELP and he was able to find them (what a saint, really), but when he handed them back he was like, “There was one casualty.” And he opened his fist to reveal this little lady. I guess I kept her because it seemed cruel not to, after what she’s been through.

24. Three Playtex Sport tampons. I like to buy “sport” ones because it makes me feel athletic.

25. About seven Band-Aids. (I have a lot of accidents.)

26. iPod.

27. Tarte lip gloss. I hate this color, I don’t know why I bought it.

28. Quarters, rejected from aforementioned snobby wallet.

29. Keys and student ID case. Can you see the tiny Lego Darth Vader keychain? He is my favorite.