When’s the Right Time to Pick at Your Skin?


Right before you leave the house.

Right before you leave the house to go on a date.

Right before you leave to go on a date with a hot guy.

Right before you go on a date with a hot guy whose one “flaw” (but he can’t help it) is that he’s only attracted to women with perfect skin.

Right before you go on a date with a hot guy who hates bad skin and also has incredible vision.

Right before the hot guy with amazing vision takes you to a bar with fluorescent lights.

During the date with the hot, bad-skin-hating guy with incredible vision at the fluorescent bar, in the bathroom where the fluorescents lights have little fluorescent lights on top of them. Then, when you return to the table, you discover that all the lights have been dimmed except for one that’s broken, and it’s a fluorescent spotlight aimed at your face.

No, it moves, the spotlight, and indicates a path to the back room, where it turns out there’s a mirror convention, and that’s the reason the hot guy took you to this bar.

Behind the mirror convention (the bar is so large) is a magnifying-mirror convention.

What the guy likes best is standing behind you as both of you look into the magnifying mirrors at the magnifying-mirror convention.

What is with this dude?!

He is so hot, though.