The Secret Life of Celery

“But what happens when they grow limp? Don’t toss them out just yet — you can revive limp celery by trimming the ends and sticking the stalks in a jar of cold water. After a few hours in the refrigerator, the stalks should be crisp. Voila!”

Amazing. Mental Floss devotes a whole little corner of itself to celery today — fortify your mind with the above and nine other ex-celery-ent facts about celery. Celery’s cool because you actually burn calories while eating it: Stalks weigh more per ounce than any other food or metal, so when you place one vertically in a glass of tomato juice and vodka, and repeatedly lift it to your mouth, you’re exercising without realizing it. Alternate the hand you drink with so you don’t get overly fit on just one side.