The Doll-Head Wine Glass Halloween Bonanza

Reader Meryl S. writes:

I’ve been dying to make some of the doll head wine glasses like in the tutorial you posted, and realized that a Halloween party was the perfect opportunity for something that creepy. I got the dolls from the Goodwill Outlet where they were only $1 apiece. Score! Some friends (and fellow Hairpinners) and I had a few pre-party craft parties to cut the dolls apart, turn them into cups and paint their faces in various ways. Making them was super fun, plus totally disgusting to see inside some of the dolls that kids had attempted to “feed.” Kids are gross.

We bought some plastic margarita glasses from the party supply store, as well as some regular plastic rocks glasses, and used the technique of putting the cup inside the doll head, so you’re drinking out of the new cup rather than out of the used doll’s head. Used dolls, you know. It took a ton of hot glue and paint and glitter and whatnot, but we got 30 made before the party. We had a Tammy Faye Bakker one, a Ziggy Stardust one, a Joker one, a Van Gogh with Bandaged Ear one, a Ke$ha one etc. etc.

Everyone LOVED them and thought they were great and totally creepy and awesome. I had them set up on a table by the door so they were the first thing you saw when you came in. But because I went from party anxiety freakout mode into total drunk mode in the window of about 10 minutes, I forgot to take a picture of all of them together before the party. I feel so dumb about that because they looked amazing. But I have a bunch of pictures of my friends posing with them and drinking out of them during the party, and some shots of the cups left over afterwards.

And since we also had 30 decapitated doll BODIES, I used them to decorate the bathroom. It was also a huge hit! I made an album of all of them on Flickr — I hope we made you proud.

Amazing. The bar has been raised so high it floated off into space.