“Stardoll by Barbie”

Mattel, the world’s biggest toymaker, today will announce plans to wed the worlds of online and offline doll play by rolling out an extensive line of “Stardoll by Barbie” fashion dolls. The dolls are mini-fashionistas right down to their eyelashes, which aren’t painted on but are rooted and protrude like those on more expensive dolls.

Rooting and protruding: Meet Barbie’s trendy new friend the Stardoll, who until now existed exclusively online in her amazing kingdom of virtual paper doll-ery. As of this holiday season, however, Stardoll is available in the hard plastic flesh for $20 and in eight varieties — among them Fallen Angel, Bonjour Bizou, and Doll Space (?). Says Stardoll’s CEO of this, Stardoll’s 3D “birthday,” “I dreamed about it and planned for it.” Rooty, protrudey, fresh, and fruity.