Selena Gomez’s “Hit the Lights” Video

by Blanca Mendez

As the year winds down and us music nerds reflect back on 2011 to put together our best-of lists, one album that will definitely be on my list (and I’m guessing will be criminally overlooked by most other list-makers) is Selena Gomez’s When the Sun Goes Down, an impeccably produced electro-pop album that was good enough to turn this Selena G. hater into a full-fledged fan. In her latest video, for the carpe-diem-on-the-dance-floor track “Hit the Lights,” lots of young and pretty people hang out at a farm on which they’re probably trespassing (kids!). They do acrobatics, smash pumpkins with baseball bats, and toss around giant balloons. And then there are even more balloons! At one point Selena parties solo in a room full of pink ones, which seems like an awesome idea until you think of how staticky your hair would get, and then you realize how unfun you are for thinking that.

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