Meet the Interns!

by The Hairpin

We’re very happy to introduce our three amazing interns.

Elizabeth Baird lives in Brooklyn with her roommates. She has a job editing math textbooks, which thankfully doesn’t require her to do any actual math. If she were a Sex and the City character, she’d be the plant that moves around Carrie’s therapist’s office in the episode that guest stars Bon Jovi.

Erin Magner is not the LA-based writer who writes for almost every major publication, but doesn’t mind being confused with her. This Erin Magner mostly writes for kids and herself and will eventually start a blog once Twitter gets boring. You can read that here.

Haley Mlotek spends her days in Toronto and her life on the internet. She thinks The Hairpin is the funniest website ever and is happy to say so to anyone who asks. She is equally happy to say it to a bunch of people who didn’t. Haley is the Promotions Director for WORN Fashion Journal, the best independent fashion magazine of all time (see what she did there?). She likes nail art, red wine, and spreadsheets.

Keep an eye out for them on the site!

Photo by akiyoko, via Shutterstock