“Looking for something to lighten up a dark corner?”

Sharon’s Shy Kids — lifesize, faceless dolls designed to stand in corners or lean against walls as if they’re being punished — “make an ideal gift for any occasion.” They cost $115 each (although Shy Kid-making kits go for about half that), and are also known as “time out dolls, timeout doll, pouty pouting dolls, tantrum tots, shy dolls, hide n seek dolls, peek-a-boo dolls and corner kids,” according to Sharon or a Sharon representative. “[T]hese dolls are not designed as toys but as stunning addition to any room. … Stand one in the corner of a room, against a couch, on the porch or anywhere you like and watch the reaction of your guests or just enjoy.” Enjoy. There is no maximum to the number of Shy Kids you can order.