Jolie, What’s Actually in Your Handbag Right Now?

Like those magazines that ask celebrities to reveal the shiny, enviable essentials they supposedly carry with them at all times (see: Marie Claire’s “In the Bag” feature, an interesting if frustratingly manicured “exposé” often found on the last page of the print edition), we begin by asking one another, and then, hopefully, other women with bags: What’s actually in your bag right now? So, Jolie “A Clean Person” Kerr, what’s actually in your bag right now?

Jolie: Right now I have:
 — 2 packs of tarot cards — the Rider deck is old, the Housewives one I just got in the mail today.
 — I also got the DVD in the mail — it’s a gift for a friend’s birthday (surprise!).
 — Hmm what else? Pink wallet, which I need to Get Rid of, Seriously, It Is Revolting (surprise!).
 — Earbuds (iPhone not pictured).
 — Blackberry.
 — Pen.
 — Keys and assorted discount tags.
 — Oh and that Power Tarot book! I needed to add something to get free shipping. (Also I read the new Philippa Gregory and am obsessed with tarot cards all over again.)

Can she really have no lip balms, gross makeup, crumpled receipts, or candy from three years ago? Indeed, she is truly A Clean Person.