Suburgatory? More Like Suburgeaven.

Last night I fell in love. With a television character. Who is a teenage girl. Named Tessa. Sorry! I’m a creep I guess! No, but seriously, are you watching Suburgatory? I accidentally saw it last night and it’s my new favorite thing. Selling points other than the girl: Jeremy Sisto FINALLY in a comedic role and he is hotlariously playing a single dad who is in the PTA with Cheryl Hines and Ana Gasteyer, actual jokes, and a character named “Kimantha.” Back to Tessa: She’s the human, likeable Daria we’ve all been waiting for. Snarky, but nice. Pretty in an edgy way. Short. She skips class in the bathroom like we had to. And she started a blog that will probably be infrequently updated and boring, just like IRL.