Please Explain Scaring Yourself?

The other day I was asked if I’ve ever read a scary book. My first thought was, “Yes, 1984.” but that’s not what they meant. They meant like Stephen King, don’t-go-in-there scary and I was like, “Hell no! I pick books up and I can put ’em right back down if they get scary, thankyouverymuch.” But then they said that was the point of reading that kind of book, to be scared. This same person went to see Paranormal Activity III by choice. WHY!? I don’t understand it! I hate being scared. Other scary things to avoid besides books and movies: roller coasters, Michigan basements, haunted houses and hay rides, exes, barreling through space 35,000 feet above the ground, getting startled, and monsters. And rats that bite your toes. Please to explain?