Thinking About Nuts

To prepare for the weekend, and to stock up on Conversation Lull-Fillers, let’s all brush up on our Nut Facts (cashew-oil facials? What?) before revisiting noted nut considerer Alex Balk’s controversial, crazed list.

When asked whether the passing of time had changed his mind, Balk had this to say: “I took a lot of heat for that post. And when something like that happens a man has to pause and reflect. Were the criticisms fair? Was I perhaps incorrect in some of my rankings? Well, I took a lot of time and gave some serious consideration to the complaints, but when it all comes down to it I have no doubt that I was absolutely right about every single thing there, particularly the placement of cashews, which SUCK SO HARD. Eat my ass, cashews!” Careful what you wish for.