The Guide of Likes

Like — To think something is good.

Like — To indicate online that you think something is good.

“Like” — To say you like something when you don’t, as in, “I like that guy. Not like I ‘like’ that guy Ann is dating.”

Like — A synonym for “in the way that” (see above).

Like — A synonym for “um.”

Like — Preceded by “be,” a synonym for “say.”

Like — Preceded by “was,” a synonym for “said.”

Like — A synonym for “similar to.”

Like-like — To have a crush.

Liiike-like/LIKE-like — To have a huge crush.

LIIIKE-LIKE-LIIIiiiIIIeeeeK — To be obsessed with, consumed.

Luh-huh-huh-hi-eeek-i-eee-ike — To want to marry.

“Luh-huh-huh-hi-eeek-i-eee-ike” — To want to divorce.

LIIIIIIIIIIKE [shrieked] — To need help.