Real Housewives Spin-Off Proposals

by Emily Weiss

The pitch: After too many seasons of getting the villain edit, Jill from RHNYC decides to absolve herself AND return to her real estate roots, helping troubled and attractive live-in couples to go from renters to buyers.
The working title: Owning It! With Jill Zarin
Bravo’s reaction: “We are 90% sure this is already in development at HGTV.”

The pitch: A RHBH spin-off dedicated to following Vanderpump Jr.’s (you’re welcome for the cover-band name idea) preparations for her Big Day. The B plot follows Lisa Vanderpump as she travels the world to find six Fabergé eggs that will complete her daughter’s trousseau.
The working title: Pandora’s Box
Bravo’s reaction: “Feasible as a two-episode special.”

The pitch: RHA’s resident Windsor-knot-enthusiast and weave critic, Dwight Eubanks, starts a foundation to get working girls off the street and into his Amsterdam-based school of cosmetology.
The working title: Red Dwight District
Bravo’s reaction: “Too much competition with Tabitha’s Salon Takeover. On the other hand, could air these as a block.”

The pitch: Shot single-camera-documentary style, this competition would track Kyle and Kim Richards as they attempt to co-habitate at 10,000 feet in a cabin with very basic amenities and no communication with the outside world.
The working title: Kim and Kyle: Escape From Bitch Mountain
Bravo’s reaction: “Contractually we can’t have them that far above sea level. Maybe try Travel Channel?”

The pitch: Every single one of the New Jersey housewives opens a restaurant on the same weekend. In a fun division of labor role reversal, all the brothers/husbands/sons will work the back of house and fail spectacularly.
The working title: Sloppy Joes
Bravo’s reaction: “We like the potential for tie-in with Top Chef and Rocco’s Dinner Party, but we feel the market is saturated as far as Jersey goes.”

The pitch: Kim Zolciak from RHA wants an over-the-top baby shower, but with her busy “music” career she has no time to plan it. Can her footballer fiancé fill in and throw her the shower of her dreams?
The working title: Kroy, Oh Boy!
Bravo’s reaction: “We’ll need to have Rosie Pope consult for a three-episode arc.”

The pitch: In this RHDC special…
The working title: N/A
Bravo’s reaction: “Just no.”

Emily Weiss wants Bravo to make a show where Mama Elsa talks people out of or in to plastic surgery.