Lean Cuisine-A-Day Recap

Salisbury Steak, with Macaroni and Cheese: About as good as it looks. (Bad.)

So I’ve eaten halfway through my stockpile of Lean Cuisines after stumbling upon a goldmine last week and, well, let’s just say I now know why they were on clearance! (Oh gross, buying food on clearance!?) But seriously folks, a lot of this stuff is really not OK as “food”. A greasy snack to tide you over? Sure. And there are a few gems, which I’ll get to, but first take a look at the following doozies I actually shoved into my face.

Shrimp with Angel Hair Pasta: This only tasted like wet.

Chicken Carbonara: Same with this one: wet. And there’s bacon in it that you can’t taste which is a SCIENTIFIC IMPOSSIBILTY.

Chicken Pot Stickers: Again, too wet with sauce and needs sesame oil and ginger or something.

French Bread Pizza: WTF.

I bet you are DYING to know the good ones now, right? Turns out I totally dig the fish ones? And also the rice ones? And also the Mexican ones. So, good rule of thumb (according to me): Go for the fish and/or rice and/or Mexican ones.

Lemon Pepper Fish with Rice: Pretty good fish! The rice was a little boring but not saucy and gross.

Enchiladas Suizas: This is an OG fallback of mine and it’s as good as the day I first tried it. Cheezy good.

Tortilla Crusted Fish: Smash it all together and BOOM: favorite dish of the week.

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