How to Sleep on a Plane, or BYOB, Bring Your Own Blanket

Over on the Times’ Frugal Traveler blog, a frugal and frequent traveler felt jealous that everyone on a long flight appeared to be sleeping but him, so he consulted a sleep doctor friend who told him that no one was actually sleeping and that everyone was miserable, and then another sleep doctor essentially told him he should ride business class if he cares so much about sleeping. Problem solved! No, but other mini-solutions include taking off your shoes, bringing a blanket, bringing someone whose shoulder you can lie on, and drinking or not drinking, taking a pill or not taking a pill. More or less, everything Hilary said, but less comprehensively. Although sleeping with your head on the tray table works if you’re under 5’7″ (“pictured”), you just look a little startling.

Photo via Barone Firenze, via Shutterstock