Bones, I Can’t Stop

There is an exception to the trepanning rule! Sometimes, if there’s a hole and someone says wait, I’m not sure that’s a bullet hole…it’s a sternal foramen.

I actually knew that, from Aaron Elkins. Whatever (dusts off nails against chest, airily.)

Oh, and in this case? It meant that the girl THOUGHT she was killing her dad’s barely-legal girlfriend, but it was actually his love child. In other words, her own half-sister. PATHOS.

Things That Are Growing On Me:

Emily Deschanel. I know they have her do stupid stuff, like say “fornication,” even though it’s not at all plausible that anyone, however “I can read bones but I can’t read people,” would say “fornication,” but her in that Wonder Woman Halloween costume? Kind of adorable. And not like Zooey-adorable, where it’s I’M GOING TO GET ADORABLE AND POP OFF ON YOUR FACE.

Things That Make Me Sad:

David Boreanaz, why you have to cheat on your wife with Rachel Uchitel? I wouldn’t ordinarily care, but your characters are all so…relentlessly loyal and upstanding, except when they lose their souls after sexing Buffy. It just bums a girl out.