Things You Could Have Bought From Sears in 1973

…according to the catalog we just found at a yard sale! Some of the women’s clothing is a little too “Nighttime Raid at the Polygamous Compound” for words, but some of it is all ZOMG, SIX BUCKS FOR THAT? WANT!

1. It’s a Quebecois catalog, so here’s hoping that the material “Borg” is “fake fur inspired by Star Trek,” and not the name of an animal driven extinct by our need for adorable parkas. (Rat naturel appears later.) $99.00 CAD

2. Perfect for Jane Marie’s tutorial! Also, is that a cleaned-up Fergie? $24.98 CAD

3. I did promise you “Nighttime Raid at the Polygamous Compound.” $4.99 CAD

4. Well, yeah.