The Top 4 (and a Half) Lip Tools and Products

Yes, there’s lipstick and lip balm and lip stain and lip gloss, but what else is there?!

Lip Exfoliants
The lip cornerstone is that they not be chapped, so rub them with a wet toothbrush after you brush your teeth, glop on as much lip balm/Vaseline as they can handle, then glop on a little bit more. Fall asleep, and when you wake up everything should be fine. (Bearing in mind lip products may be addicting.) Or go the fancier route, with special, delicious-smelling lip exfoliants, like this Kissing Ritual set from Fresh ($25), which includes their Lip Polish and a tube of Tinted Lip Treatment. Smashbox also makes a Lip Exfoliant ($18), but theirs is pepperminty where Sugar’s is sugary. When I was younger I read a strange but formative essay somewhere that said the people men and women cheat on their spouses with aren’t necessarily any hotter/fitter/younger, but that they always have nicer lips. Speaking of unforgettable essays involving lips, do you remember that one in the New Yorker about the disease that compels you to chew your lips off? Ayyy!

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